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The Agribusiness Conference is a unique opportunity to learn about the farm and agricultural insurance industry; network with agribusiness insurance professionals and earn the Agribusiness and Farm Insurance Specialist certification (AFIS™). Participants can attend a class to earn an AFIS™ part or breakout sessions to meet renewal requirements.

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Agribusiness and Farm Insurance Specialist Certification

The AFIS™ Certification is the foremost professional certification for specialists in the agricultural and farm insurance industry. Those who complete the program are entitled to display the AFIS™ certification to demonstrate their knowledge of agribusiness and farm insurance and risk management as well as their dedication to the agribusiness industry.

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Farm Property
Farm Liability

AFIS™ 1: Farm Property

AFIS™ 2: Farm Liability


Farm Auto
Workers Comp
Risk Management

AFIS™ 3: Farm Auto, Workers Comp, Umbrella


Equipment Breakdown
Farm Inland Marine 
Livestock Mortality
Ag Pollution
Management Liability

AFIS™ 4: Special Farm Property Insurance Lines
Equipment Breakdown, Farm Inland Marine, Livestock Mortality, Crop

AFIS™ 5: Miscellaneous Farm Insurance Lines
Ag Pollution, Management Liability, Crime

The core curriculum for the AFIS™ program consists of five parts―AFIS™ 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5―that can be taken in any order. To earn the certification, participants must successfully complete the online core courses, the course study at the Emmett J. Vaughan Agribusiness Conference for each of the AFIS™ parts, or a combination of online and conference courses. After successful completion of all five exams, participants will earn the AFIS™ certification. Participants have five (5) years to take all five parts of the AFIS™ certification.

The chart to the right shows how the online courses match up with the previous classroom courses. For example, if you have completed AFIS™ 1 and AFIS™ 2, you would need to complete AFIS™ 4 and AFIS™ 5 online or at a Emmett J Vaughan Agribusiness Conference. Beginning in 2015, the classroom courses now match up with the online courses.

For more information about the online courses and to order courses, go to AFIS.webce.com.

Maintaining Your Designation

Every Year
Annually, AFIS™ Designees must complete any CE Seminar, Webinar, Farm Conference, or Online Course to maintain their certification. Click here for more information.
Every Three Years
Every three (3) years from the date the certification is received, AFIS™ Designees must attend the Agribusiness Conference at the location of their choosing.